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What are Intergovernmental Support Agreements?

What is the legal authority underpinning IGSAs?

Who can the Army partner with?

What is the current IGSA Partnership process?

Who approves Army IGSAs?

What is the DCS, G-9 role in approving IGSAs?

How will the concept packets be assessed?

Can concept packets for Public-Private Partnerships be submitted for consideration?

How many IGSAs will be approved? How soon will approved IGSAs be implemented?

How will IGSA implementation affect the installation workforce?

How will IGSA implementation affect future installation support contracts?

How will the IGSA authorities granted in 10 USC 2679, affect AbilityOne, 8(a) and other Small Business Administration (SBA) programs?

I have more questions regarding the IGSA program - Who should I call?

Current as of 9 November 2022