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How to Develop an IGSA Partnership

Successful partnerships are a long-term endeavor, and can only emerge from high-quality, frequent communication that further enhance partner relationships. Effective channels of engagement between Installation and community stakeholders must be established to ensure existing and new ideas result in future partnerships.

Partnership Developement Process:

1. The partnership development process starts with the identification of the installation requirement that will align well with the services that communities are providing to their constituents. Installation and Community Leadership analyze current needs and capacities that could be provided, received, or shared.

2. Meet with potential partners and discuss the partnership process and any potential interests. These meetings also serve to provide partners with the ability to ask clarifying questions and develop a better sense of the installations needs.

3. Confirm that the partner that has interest and is willing to explore building capacity and resources, if necessary, to provide the service. Requirements, interest, and capabilities must align.

4. Work with your leadership to receive the appropriate approval for the establishment of your partnership. For IGSAs this requires a 2-month approval process through Army Headquarters.

5. The transaction document is the legally binding document that codifies your agreement with your partner. You may negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement with your partner prior to signing this document.

6. Congratulations! Once your partnership is approved by the Army and the community, you can now sign your transaction document and begin executing your partnership.

Current as of 9 November 2023